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Hello, I'm Garet McKinley

I'm a nomadic Front-end Developer who is passionate about making the web faster and more accessible.

I really working with: React, Redux, and styled-components.

Career History


Timber.ioFrontend Engineer

Built a large chunk of the React components, assisted in interface design, and helped work on the electron binary for the web client. I also released a few open source packages under Timber, including the official timber-node client for transporting logs with rich context to the Timber ingestion pipeline.


Handshake Guru TechnologiesSenior Software Engineer

I was in charge of leading the development of client projects, from inception to completion. This was prior to me going full-time in JavaScript, so my job included working on the full stack. Our stack included PHP (Laravel), Postgres, and AngularJS. It was also my responsibility to find, interview, and onboard new developers to our team.


Red3MediaFull Stack Web Developer

Red3Media is a full service marketing agency, so my day to day work involved everything from building WordPress sites to creating designs for print and managing social media accounts. I also had the opportunity to learn about mobile app development while I built iOS apps, like the domain search.

Logo, Inc.Software Engineer was a portal and newsletter for financial news that had been around since the 80s. I helped work on the first major redesign in over 20 years. It was a massive 3 year project that involved building a custom PHP MVC framework, setting up a PostgreSQL database, and designing a new subscriber website. After getting the portal built, I worked closely with companies like Discover, Visa, and American Express to help implement our new API endpoints into their in-house employee portals.



Mediachicken is a software development alias I've used for 10 years. The most successful product was a code editor named Syntra Small. It was initially released early 2016; getting over 100,000 total downloads in the first year, featured on Product Hunt, and consistently ranked in the top 10 developers tools on the Mac App Store.

About Me

Professional Skills

When it comes to front-end work, I'm comfortable working with ES6, TypeScript, webpack, babel, react, react-router, redux, redux-saga, styled-components, emotion, Gatsby, Firebase, Auth0, and Stripe.

With non-front-end work, I have past experience working with Node.js, express, electron, PostgreSQL, and Heroku.

Open Source

  • hedron: React flexbox grid system · creator/maintainer · ★ 740
  • timber-node: Great Node logging made easy · creator · ★ 59
  • styled-components: Visual primitives for the component age · syntaxer · ★ 21.8k

Are you interested in working with me? I'm currently available for both full-time and contract work. Location is not an issue as I'm able to work remote or relocate for the right opportunity.

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